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FLVC Resource Sharing Standing Committee (RSSC)

Welcome to the Resource Sharing Standing Committee wiki. Access to other pages in this wiki is limited to the members of the committee. If you are a member of the committee and need access to this page please contact FLVC-G.

  • Listserv address for Standing Committee members: FLVC-RESOURCE-SHARING-SC@LISTSERV.FLVC.ORG
  • Listserv Address for all college and university resource sharing library staff: , FLVC-ACCESS-SERVICES@LISTSERV.FLVC.ORG
  • For a description of the committee structure: Committee Structure PDF

Charge of the Resource Sharing Standing Committee

  • Develop a set of statewide resource sharing guidelines for colleges and universities.
  • Establish principles to facilitate the integration of resource sharing (e.g.,the SUS UBorrow service) among both entities.
  • Recommend services to enhance resource sharing.
  • Coordinate with relevant FLVC staff and other committees, and report to the Executive Committee.

Resource Sharing Guidelines

In order to address the charge to develop a set of statewide resource sharing guidelines for colleges and universities, the FLVC Resource Sharing Standing Committee created the FLVC Resource Sharing Guidelines; it was approved on September 5, 2013 by the FLVC Member's Council on Library Services.


Institution Name Term
University of Central Florida Lindsey Ritzert, Chair 2016-2019
Palm Beach State College Robbie Allen 2016-2019
University of West Florida Stephanie Clark 2016-2019
University of Florida Melanie Davis 2016-2019
Florida Gulf Coast University Peggy Glatthaar 2018-2020
University of South Florida Jeff Honker 2016-2019
Santa Fe College Nance Lempinen-Leedy, Secretary 2016-2019
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Elaine McCreary 2016-2019
State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Theresa Smith-Ennis 2016-2019
Broward College Hebah Wasilewski 2016-2019
FALSC-G Wendy Ellis, Liaison
FALSC-T Chrissy Cogar, Liaison


Unless rescheduled, RSSC will meet on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 2:00 - 3pm EST. (1-2PM Central time)

Collaborate link:

Next Meeting: August 1, 2018




Email Discussions


Editing Wiki Orientation/Refresher


Billing for Lost UBorrow items

  • At the September 2016 MCLS meeting - the proposal for lost book billing was adopted. See 8/3/2016 minutes for the proposal.
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